Reiki Pyramid Gong Timer Review

Reiki Pyramid Gong Timer Review

Posted by Jay Suthers on Oct 23rd, 2015

Reiki Pyramid Gong Timer

The Reiki Gong Timer has been around for several years and has recently been updated with new electronics, sounds, and capabilities. The new electronics is shared with all the gong timers and the only difference between this timer and the Meditation Pyramid Gong Timer is the Japanese Reiki Symbol engraving on one of the pyramid faces. The Meditation Timers are plain without any engraving on the wood pyramid. Otherwise, the Reiki Timer and the Meditation Timers function exactly the same way with both Interval and Duration timing sequences as I will explain in a moment.

First, let's talk about what this timer can do. Let's say, for example, you will run a 60 minute Reiki session and you want a reminder every 10 minutes to focus on a new area of the body. This means you will want to set the timer for a duration of 60 minutes and interval gongs of 10 minutes. The programming steps are quite simple.

  1. Press the ON/PLAY/PAUSE button
  2. Press the + and - buttons to set the duration of your session to 60 minutes
  3. Press the Menu Button
  4. Press the + and - buttons to set the interval to 10 minutes
  5. Press the Menu Button
  6. Press the + and - buttons to select one of 4 gong sounds
  7. Press the Menu Button
  8. Press the + and - buttons to set the desired volume - you will hear a gong sound with each press so you can gauge the volume level you would like
  9. Press the Play Button to start the session, the Play symbol (black triangle) will stay on continuously.

Gong Timer Controls

You will hear 3 rings of the selected gong after 10 seconds. This signals the beginning of your session. You will hear single gongs at the set interval of 10 minutes and every 10 minutes after that. At 60 minutes, you will hear 3 rings of the gong to signal the end of the session. The timer will turn off automatically.

You can Pause the timer by pressing the Play button (the black triangle will blink on and off) and restart the timer by pressing it again. You can change the volume during the session by pressing the + or - buttons. You can turn the timer off by pressing and holding the Play button for a few seconds until the display goes blank.

When you turn the timer ON, it will retain your previous settings. You can cycle through the Menu options to make any changes.

The settings allow you to program the duration or interval down to the minute. And, if you set the interval to 00, you can eliminate the repeating gongs and just time the overall duration of the session.

The Gong sounds are all electronic, so there are no moving parts inside the timer. The timer is powered by 4 AA batteries and an indicator will flash on the display when the batteries need replacing. 

The optional Audio function allows you to replace the gong sound with your own recordings. This is a slightly different model that includes a slot for a Micro SD Memory Chip. You can use any MP3 file and it can be of another gong type sound or even guided meditation or other instructions. The recording will play on the internal high-quality speaker of the timer.

The Audio option does require a little technical know-how and a computer. But, the Audio version of the timer comes with complete instructions on what is required to make the Micro SD Memory Chip function in the timer. And, we are always available at Sage Meditation to help you understand and operate your Pyramid Gong Timer.

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