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Links to Resources

This page offers links to various Meditation, Yoga, and Massage resources. If you would like us to provide a link to your resource, please submit a request on our Contact page.

When searching for products in your own country, be sure to add your country name to your search. That way you will receive results for products and companies in your region. For example, search for MEDITATION CUSHIONS CANADA to find resources in Canada.

Informational Resources

Science of Spirituality - Information about the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of meditation

Meditation Cushion Vendors


Meditation Cushions

Assassins Designs

Calm Buddha

EMP Industrial

Manadala Living

Mango Trees

Stretch Now

Yoga King

Massage Mats

Bean Products at Desert Cart

Massage Warehouse

Sufi Books of Broken Hill

Thai Yoga Massage by Dani


Estimate Duty and Taxes (Canada Only)

Meditation Cushions

B Yoga

Boreal Mattress Company


Good Planet

Half Moon

Healthy Life Cycle


Love My Mat

Real Things

Massage Mats

Lotus Palm Mats

Navina Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai Massage Toronto


Cosmic Cushion Europe - Denmark, featuring our own Cosmic Cushion


Meditation Cushions

Blue Banyan

Celina Digby Meditation Cushions - Also a source for Buckwheat Hulls in the UK

Wheaty Bags Meditation Cushions

Yoga Online Meditation Cushions

Yoga Studio Store

Yoga Classes

Addiction Recovery

Many addiction recovery organizations offer yoga and meditation classes as part of their recovery services.

Boca Recovery Center

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