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Shipping Info

Is Free Shipping Too Good to be True?

Sage Meditation only ships within the United States

Get a Shipping Estimate Before Checkout

You can Estimate the Shipping Cost without giving any personal information. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go Shopping - select product options as needed and add the item to the shopping cart.
  2. Click on "View or edit your cart".
  3. If you have already added items to the cart or are already in the Checkout process - Click the Blue Shopping Cart Circle at the top right of the screen to go to "View Cart".
  4. Click on "Add Info" to the right of "Shipping:"
  5. Complete the requested information (entering the Suburb/city is optional).
  6. Click on the red "Estimate Shipping & Tax" button to see the available shipping options and costs.

PLEASE NOTE: You may receive a message that there was a problem calculating shipping and to contact us. Here are some reasons why you received this message and what to do:

  1. Your Shipping Address is, or has a PO Box address in it. One or more of the items in your shopping cart can only be shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground. These services can only ship to a physical street address. Edit the shipping address so it has only a physical street address.
  2. Your Shipping Address is to the street address of the Post Office where you have your PO Box. Enter the Post Office address and Box number on the same address line with BOX Number and not PO BOX showing anywhere. Example: 123 Main St, Box 456
  3. EXCEPTION for PO BOX. If you are outside of the 48 Continental United States, you CAN ship to a PO Box and you will see Postal Service shipping options.
  4. Your Shipping Address is not in the 48 Continental United States - especially a Foreign Address. Shipping outside the 48 United States is tricky. For example, there may be limits on the size and weight of a package shipping to a foreign country. You need to contact us for a shipping quote.
  5. Your shopping cart contains item(s) that cannot be shipped outside the United States. We present a statement in the description for any product that cannot ship outside the United States. However, we are unable to prevent customers from adding the items to the shopping cart. Review the items you are ordering and check to be sure we allow International shipping. Contact us with questions.

Why we don't offer free shipping: Free shipping is never free. Shipping companies do not ship for free and, somehow, the cost has to be paid. Many companies cover free shipping by adding the cost to the products. Because shipping costs are directly related to how far a package has to travel, some people will get a bargain with free shipping and most people will being paying more than if they were simply charged the actual shipping cost to deliver their order. We believe everyone gets a fair deal if they are only charged the actual shipping charge instead of paying a flat shipping charge that is hidden in the price of the product. Would you rather pay $100 and get free shipping, or pay $75 plus $14.95 for shipping. The second option is cheaper, of course.

General Shipping Information

Sage Meditation is located in the United States of America. We ship anywhere in the US, US Territories and Canada. However, some products can only be shipped to U.S. destinations and, in some cases only to the lower 48 States. This is usually stated in the product description.

Shipping costs are calculated in real time and are based on the weight and package dimensions for your order. We regularly review shipping prices to ensure that our customers are being charged fairly. We do not intend to profit from the shipping charge on your order.

We hold a sense of urgency about all the orders we receive. Rest assured that, once we have your order, we become fully engaged in the process of shipping your order to you.

Expedited Shipping Services

Sage Meditation does not offer Expedited Shipping Services. Please CONTACT US by Email if you have questions about shipping options. Be sure to tell us your delivery needs in your Email message.

Delivery Schedules

Most items ship within 1 to 2 business days (longer during the December Holidays - Shop Early). Electronic Clocks, Wind Chimes, and Customized Products may require 2 to 3 business days processing. Orders are not shipped on weekends.

Once your order is shipped, delivery times* are as follows:

U.S. State Shipping Method*
USPS First Class UPS / FedEx USPS Priority Mail USPS Retail Ground
Eastern NY & PA
2 - 5 Days 1 Business Day 2 Days N/A
Western NY & PA
2 - 5 Days 2 Business Days 2 Days N/A
Eastern MO
2 - 5 Days 3 Business Days 2 Days N/A
Western MO, Eastern CO, Northeastern TX
2 - 5 Days 4 Business Days 3 Days N/A
Western CO, Western & Southern TX
2 - 5 Days 5 Business Days 3 Days N/A
Medford Region OR & Central Region ID 2 - 5 Days 6 Business Days 3 Days N/A
AK, HI, U.S. Territories 2 - 5 Days 6 Business Days 3 Days 2 - 4 Weeks

*Delivery times are not guaranteed. We may not ship your order on the same day the order was placed. None of these shipping methods should be considered expedited processing or shipping of your order.

Use the Comments box to communicate any special needs regarding your delivery.

Urgent Delivery Need? It is best to Contact Sage Meditation Customer Service if you have an urgent delivery need. We can help you choose the best option and give you estimates on Expedited Shipping Rates. 

International Order Delivery Times

US Postal Service First Class Mail: 1 to 3 weeks
US Postal Service Priority Mail: 6 to 10 Days

NOTE: There is no Saturday Delivery for UPS or FedEx and no Sunday or Holiday Delivery for any shipping service. We do not ship orders out on weekends or U.S. National Holidays.

Large Volume Orders

If you are ordering a large number of items, especially cushions sets or massage mats, you may receive an error from our shipping calculator. Please Contact Sage Meditation Customer Service for a shipping quote.

How Your Order is Shipped

Sage Meditation fills orders through a combination of In House shipping and Drop Shipping (shipments directly from manufacturer to customer). For this reason, your order may be filled by multiple shipments. Also, your order may not be shipped by the method chosen by you during checkout. Some of our shippers use UPS or US Postal Service exclusively and your order may be shipped by those methods even if you have chosen FedEx Ground.

Our goal is to deliver your order as quickly as possible and within the price you have been charged for shipping. We apologize if this process results in any inconvenience.

Special Note Regarding International Orders

For International Orders, if the order contains a combination of items that do not ship from the same source, we may first gather all the items together in one location and then ship all the items in your order together in one package.

For this reason, International Orders may require additional processing time of up to 5 days before shipping the order.

Shipping charges on International Orders DO NOT include VAT, Customs Fees, and other fees and taxes assessed by your country's government or delivery service providers.

Product Availability and Back Orders

Occasionally a specific product option may temporarily go out of stock. We are diligent about making Out of Stock items unavailable as quickly as we learn of the situation. However, we cannot always predict a "Run" on a certain item and we may run out of the item before we can prevent customers from ordering it. This happens especially around the December Holiday Season. If this should happen, we will contact you regarding the Out of Stock and advise you of the options available. We will never make any assumptions without talking to you first.

Our Contact Information

Email - Recommended

Please use the Contact Form on our Contact Page, or email us at:

We respond to emails quickly (a little longer on National Holidays and Weekends).



Mailing Address - Not a Retail Store (please shop online)

Sage Meditation
1213 N Sherman Avenue
Madison, WI 53704