Summer Meditation Retreats

Summer Meditation Retreats

Posted by Jay Suthers on May 18th, 2014

During the summer months we typically see a decline in sales here at Sage Meditation. This is due to the natural course of the season. As we've come out of the dreary winter and the pleasant, yet cool and rainy spring, the warm summer days invite us to get outdoors and enjoy the world around us.

Though the economy is improving, the current economic situation has many of us becoming familiar with the phrase "staycation" - a melding of the idea of staying home for vacation. This makes good sense: it's affordable, it's a lot less work than packing for a trip, and it can really be enjoyable. With a little creative energy, one can even create a meditation retreat. Disconnect the TV, unplug the telephone, turn off the cell phone, set up a nice meditation space, and make a 3-day retreat.

However, you shouldn't rule out taking a meditation retreat at one of the many retreat centers in the world. They are really quite affordable. For example, the Ananda Retreat Center in Nevada City, CA is offering a Living Wisdom Family Camp for $400 per adult ($350 per child) at the time of this writing. This price includes a 7-day retreat with lodging and meals. Of course, transportation is extra and Oregon may not be a convenient location for everyone, though it is beautiful.

Using Google, however, it is easy to find retreat centers within driving distance in many cases. Simply Google "retreat centers, my state". In my case, I Googled "retreat centers, wisconsin". I received several legitimate results - a few that I didn't even know about. Even though I wasn't looking specifically for Christian Church retreat centers, many of the Christian retreats are including meditation and yoga as a part of their practices. Here is a brief list of retreat centers I found with my Google search:

  • The Christine Center in northcentral Wisconsin offers several opportunities.
  • Namaste Retreat Center in Lake Mills, WI is only 20 minutes from me. I'll be contacting them to see what they have to offer.
  • By changing the search term to "meditation retreats, wisconsin" if found our local Vipassana group and their list of upcoming retreats.

By changing the search terms, you can find quite a variety of available retreat centers and groups. I live near Illinois and Minnesota, so I could also search for retreats in those locations. In about 15 minutes of searching I came up with several ideas and many summer retreats from which to choose.

Of course, if you find a retreat, you may need some meditation cushions or a nice gentle timer to take with you.

I hope that you find an affordable and enriching retreat near you. Take advantage of the summer and continue your meditation or yoga practice.

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