Pi Family of Meditation Benches

Pi Family of Meditation Benches

Posted by Jay Suthers on Jan 26th, 2016

The Pi Family of Meditation Benches feature hand-crafted, solid wood benches with a unique shape. The legs are in the middle, which creates more room for the legs and calves when kneeling over the bench in a seiza meditation posture.

The Original Pi Meditation Bench has a fixed set of legs. It is lightweight yet solid and sturdy. It can be transported to a meditation retreat or it can stay at home in your meditation room.

The Pi To Go Meditation Bench has folding legs. It is also lightweight and sturdy, but folds flat for stowing in a backpack or small suitcase. A simple latch mechanism allows for quick assembly and provides a solid base for kneeling meditation.

The Xtra-Pi Meditation Bench is larger, slightly taller, and has a more solid build than the other two benches. The feet have a wider stance for greater stability and the legs are squared on one edge, rounded on the other so that it can be used sitting straight up or, as with the other two benches with rounded feet, can be tilted to give you the best angle for comfort.

The following video features Randahl Crawford of OM Creations. Randahl conceived of, designed, and oversees the making of these hand-crafted, hardwood benches in Western Wisconsin.

I hope that this summary and video are helpful in understanding the Pi Family of Meditation Benches.

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