Using a BackJack Chair for Floor Sitting Meditation

Using a BackJack Chair for Floor Sitting Meditation

Posted by Jay Suthers on Jul 22nd, 2015

Meditating on the floor has many challenges.  Meditation cushions offer support and comfort for cross-legged meditation, Seiza or kneeling meditation, and Shivasana or lying meditation. For many, some discomfort can occur during a meditation session. Some people experience leg numbness, joint pain, or back and neck pain. As we age, these discomforts can become more problematic.

BackJack ChairHowever, getting the right support for sitting meditation can help to alleviate these problems, which ultimately end up disrupting our meditation sessions. The BackJack Chair, sometimes misread as the "Black Jack" chair, offers some cushioning and back support during sitting meditation.

The BackJack Chair is light weight at just under five pounds, which makes it portable. But, it has a strong steel frame that holds up to 250 pounds. The fabric cover is heavy weight cotton fabric that will hold up for many years. The seat, while somewhat minimal in size at just 14" wide by 10-1/2" deep by 2" thick, contains dense foam padding and is quite comfortable. There is no cushioning in the upright back support, but the fabric is tight over the metal frame and feels perfectly comfortable.

The foam pad seat is thick enough to cushion your bottom, but not intrusive. So, you will be able to sit in a cross-legged posture, stretch your legs out in front of you, or something in between. The metal frame and the "foot" extending away from the seat will support your upper body and alleviate back and neck strain.

BackJack Chair Postitions

The BackJack Chair is small, but comfortable for most adults and works very well for children. The chair can be used for all kinds of floor sitting. Use the chairs to create a nice, informal meeting space, to watch television, read a book, or to play games on family night with the kids. It's a versatile chair and it can be laid down to create a lounging platform as well.

For added comfort, you can place the BackJack Chair on a Zabuton meditation cushion. This large, rectangular mat is filled with cotton batting and can provide additional cushioning for the legs, ankles and feet.

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