2023 Oscar Winners Who Practice Meditation

2023 Oscar Winners Who Practice Meditation

Posted by Jay Suthers on May 10th, 2023

Many of us know about famous actors and actresses who practice meditation: Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, Angelina Jolie, Richard Gere, Eva Mendes, Sheryl Crow, Shirley MacLaine, Sting, Halle Berry, Leonard Cohen, Russell Brand, and David Lynch (source:  14 Famous People Who Meditate). Sunday evening (March 12th, 2023) we learned of the 2023 Oscar winners and I was curious to find out if any of them practice meditation. So, I did a little searching to see what I could find.

Here is my methodology:

  • I performed all my searches on Google
  • I search for "name + meditate", which is an Exact Match search term that looks specifically for the person's name and the word meditate. Google is also clever enough to search for iterations of meditate such as "meditation", "meditating", etc.
  • I filtered through results to find the most relevant sources of information.
  • I was not able to interview these people since I don't have that kind of access to anyone.
  • I assumed that, if a person is actively involved in meditation, there will be results to indicate this. I also assumed that a lack of results doesn't mean they are not involved in meditation.

Actor in a Leading Role: Brendan Fraser (The Whale)

I could only find one obscure link at  the Alternate Universe about a forum on Meditation at Brigham Young University but it did not match the Devotional and Forum Schedule on the BYU website. It's possible this was another "Brendan Fraser" and, in either case, the forum was changed. Beliefnet doesn't indicate that Brendan is Mormon.

I did find a video of Brendan's interview on  The Drew Barrymore Show about his role in The Whale.

Conclusion: Brendan Fraser does not appear to be actively involved in meditation.

Actress in a Leading Role: Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere All at Once)

I found a number of articles that state she is a practicing Buddhist according to  WikipediaMindworks, and Lion's Roar.

Conclusion: Michelle Yeoh likely practices meditation on a regular basis.

Actor in a Supporting Role: Ke Huy Quan (Everything Everywhere All at Once)

Ke Huy Quan is a Vietnamese-born American of Chinese ancestry. He came to America in 1978 at the age of 7. Although the main religion of Vietnam is Buddhism, I could not find any information that he practices meditation. Quan's wife is Echo, a native of Hong Kong. Of course, we can not assume that, because they are of Asian, they are Buddhist or engage in any practice of Buddhism.

Quan is quoted as saying, "God, Buddha has already answered my prayer." after receiving his Oscar for his Supporting Role in Everything Everywhere All at Once, according to  AP News. In an article in Variety, Quan refers to his mother as a practicing Buddhist. But, his personal religious beliefs are not known.

Conclusion: Ke Huy Quan does not appear to practice meditation on a regular basis.

Actress in a Supporting Role: Jamie Lee Curtis (Everything Everywhere All at Once)

Jamie Lee Curtis is very much engaged in meditation and has even contributed the Forward to  The Book of Awakening written by Mark Nepo, which is very much a book about meditation and mindfulness. In an interview with David Nichtern on the Be Here Now Network, Curtis states that she has a daily practice of meditation.

Jamie has also authored children's books that are generally about self-esteem. Clicking the following links will open a new tab to the book on Amazon.

I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem

Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods That Make My Day

Conclusion: Jamie Lee Curtis practices meditation on a daily basis.

I hope that this information is interesting and enlightening.

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