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Tibetan Prayer Chime

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The enchanting sounds of this wind chime take the listener on a musical journey across the landscape of time. It is tuned to the five tones that make up the principal motif of a work by the great Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu. Commissioned for the Canadian group NEXUS and the Boston Symphony Orchestra to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Carnegie Hall, From me flows what you call Time. The windchimes are suspended above the audience and activated by colored ribbons - representing Tibetan prayer flags - that extend from the chimes to the performers on stage.

The Tibetan Wind Horse

The five traditional colors of Tibetan prayer flags each represent one of the five elements of nature in Buddhism. From me flows what you call Time also evokes the five elements. The literal translation for "prayer flag" from the Tibetan is "wind horse." The colors of the Wind Horse are:

Yellow - Earth
White - Water
Green - Wind
Blue - Sky
Red - Fire

In Tibet, prayer flags are hung in great numbers outside homes and temples and throughout the countryside so that the wind may bring good fortune to all nearby. It is our wish that the Tibetan Prayer Chime will likewise convey the prayers and blessings of the listener every time the wind blows.

Listen to the Tibetan Prayer Chime Sound


  • Overall Length: 25 1/2 Inches
  • Weight: 1.32 Pounds
  • Cherry wood top, clapper, and windcatcher
  • 5 Bronze Tubes