Using the Zenergy Chime in the Yoga Studio or Classroom

Using the Zenergy Chime in the Yoga Studio or Classroom

Posted by Jay Suthers on Sep 27th, 2014

The Zenergy Meditation Chime is quickly becoming a popular tool for yoga instructors and teachers seeking to maintain organization in the classroom. Children can become distracted and energetic in a group setting and teachers are looking for a way to recover order in the classroom that saves them from having to shout above the childrens' voices and that also keeps the children positive about the classroom experience.

Yoga instructors and classroom teachers have discovered that a simple chime like the Zenergy can gently, effectively, and positively recover the attention of the students without being rude or demanding. Spend a few moments at the very beginning of a yoga course or of the school year to tell the students that, when they hear the chime, it's time to quiet down and focus attention on the instructor or teacher.

The Single Tone Zenergy Chime can be effective enough, however a single chime might not be sufficient toward gaining everyone's attention. With the Zenergy Trio's three tones, a single tone can be chimed or all 3 tones can be chimed to produce a more recognizable sound.

Listen to the sound of the Zenergy Trio:

The sound is clear and gentle, and will get everyone's attention and have them focusing on you quickly. In fact, the Zenergy tone is quite calming and you may want to use the chime to begin each class to get the students in a relaxed state of mind. They will really come to appreciate a teacher who is interested in helping students get focused when class begins. You may also want to ring the chime at the end of the class session to remind them that they can remain calm and focused even after they leave class. The chime sound may also have them looking forward to their next class with you.

Of course, you don't want to be overzealous with ringing the chime. It has to be unique enough so as to have meaning to the students. If it is rung too often they will come to disregard it as much as any other sound in the classroom. You might first want to stand up and look out over the students. This subtle body language may be enough to get students to pay attention.

And, by all means you never want to associate the chime with any negative experience. Don't use it to signal that some sort of punishment or discipline is about to occur. Likewise, if the chime doesn't get their attention the first time, take a calming breath and gently ring the chime again maybe positioning yourself in the center of the room. 

But, you don't want to start banging the chime as a judge would bang a gavel to gain "order in the court". Any expression of anger or exasperation when ringing the chime may create a negative association with the ringing of the chime. Simply check your mental state or mood before you ring the chime. If you are calm and relaxed, the right intention will become associated with the chime.

I hope these tips are helpful and will make the classroom experience more enjoyable for everyone.

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