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Faerie Guided Meditations for Children

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Michelle Roberton-Jones presents another wonderful collection of guided meditations for children. Children are invited to explore their imaginations and enter the magical world of the faeries.

Featuring music composed and performed by Llewellyn

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  1. “Believing is Seeing” – The “wall” that lies between your imagination & what you see with your physical eyes is so thin, it is almost invisible. And so this world & hundreds of other worlds do not live that far apart at all. It is simply a case of believing …. & then you simply “see”.
  2. The Secret Garden – In an old crumbly wall is a teeny weeny wooden door – are you ready to explore with the fairies?
  3. To the Rescue – some Fairies have been captured – best to have a plan, for you are the hero to save them ….
  4. “Whistle” – Just whistle & “Whistle” comes flying – where will you fly today?
  5. A kiss – a kiss is a very big promise in the world of Fairies –can you keep a kiss?
  6. Dream Time – Tucked in warm & cosy? Good – then it is time to sleep with the Dream Time Fairies