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Cosmic Cushion Empty Shell

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We are offering our Cosmic Cushion Shell, without any fill, primarily for our International Customers. Shipping weight is a major contirbutor to expensive International shipping. These empty shells weigh about 1 pound allowing you to choose First Class Parcel Shipping Rate at significant savings.

Once you receive the Empty Shell (always in off white) and Cover in your choice of color, simply fill the shell with material available in your region:

  • Buckwheat Hulls (Husks)
  • Spelt Hulls (Husks)
  • Kapok Fiber
  • Cotton Fiber
  • Wool
  • Dry Goods such as Beans

You may need to use a wooden handle to pack the material in firmly. You will want to use material that will provide dense fill without being too expensive or heavy. Foam fill is too spongy and Flax seeds will be costly and weigh too much. 

NOTE: These are only the fabric components. We do not offer cushion fill separately. To order a Cosmic Cushion already filled with Kapok or Buckwheat Hulls, please Go to the Cosmic Cushion Product.


Regular Lift Cosmic Cushion

  • Dimensions: 22" Wide x 15" Deep x 6-1/2" High
  • Recommended for persons of average height, weight, and flexibility
  • Fill requirements
    • Kapok or Cotton: 3-1/2 pounds
    • Buckwheat Hulls: 6-3/4 pounds

Low Loft Cosmic Cushion

  • Dimensions: 22" Wide x 15" Deep x 4-1/2" High
  • Recommended for persons 5' 5" or shorter, for those with a high level of flexibility, or for those who know they need less lift
  • Fill requirements
    • Kapok or Cotton: 2-1/2 pounds
    • Buckwheat Hulls: 5-1/2 pounds

Travel Size Cosmic Cushion

  • Dimensions: 20" Wide x 13" Deep x 4-1/2" High
  • Same recommendations as for the Low Loft Cosmic Cushion
  • The Travel Size is identical to the Low Loft cushion, but the side extensions have been shortened to accommodate packing the cushion in luggage
  • Fill requirements
    • Kapok or Cotton: 2-1/2 pounds
    • Buckwheat Hulls: 5-1/2 pounds

Oversize Cosmic Cushion

  • Dimensions: 24" Wide x 16" Deep x 7-1/2" High
  • Recommended for large persons with above average height and/or weight, persons with very limited flexibility, or for those who know they need extra lift and/or support area
  • Fill requirements
    • Kapok or Cotton: 4-1/2 pounds
    • Buckwheat Hulls: 7-1/2 pounds

Shell Fabric: Muslin Cotton
Cover Fabric: 100% Cotton

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  • 5
    Cosmic cushion (empty shell)

    Posted by Carey Ehrenberg on Dec 14th, 2019

    I’m delighted with my meditation cushion. It is very comfortable and supports my cross-legged position just as I had hoped. In addition it looks good too!

  • 5
    Empty Shell Cosmic Cushion

    Posted by Margie on Jun 12th, 2019

    I ordered the Empty Shell of the Cosmic Cushion, as I live outside of the USA and found a local source for the buckwheat hulls. Customer service was very good. I'm finding this to be a great meditation cushion, sitting for longer periods is now comfortable and without any of the back aches I was experiencing before.